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Father and Son from Kansas City, Mo
Learning how to fly radio control airplanes together... learning to fly rc airplanes

Comments by Students

  • "I wasn't sure about coming to this school, but after this first day I can really see I made the right decision!".  multiple

  • "Ya know, I could just never hook up with an instructor. Seemed liked I was always waiting on him and then when we did fly he crashed my airplane. It was going to take months to learn how do this". Robert from Ks

  • "I've been to two other r/c schools and no other instructor had me learn the control surfaces, one at a time ...sure reduces the learning curve."                                                                                                                   Whitby from ct

  • "Not only did I get to fly my plane, I got to "maiden" and use my own transmitter during the entire week of training!  It's the first time I got to use it!  Sweet!"  Chris from WVgreg shane, rc flight training, rc flight, rc flight school

  • "If your are in a similar situation and feel professional rc flight training is not worth two new planes, click here to see how other students felt after a week of rc flight training!" Greg Shane

                   Trial & Error is Not Taught Here!rc flying lessons at rc school

Some instructors may hand you a training box and tell you to fly!  This is the same as getting tossed into the lake told to swim.  The teacher says "Move your arms and kick your feet" .  When you surface the instructor shouts "Swim Harder" !

Likewise, hours in the air does not always translate into learning how to fly.  Our instructors key in on student reactions and refine objectives before each lesson.  Pushing students to their limit makes them apprehensive, mentally exhausted and that hinders your learning process. 

Our R/C Flight Training is Unique!

The R/C Flight School uses a positive, step by step, unique training technique that is highly effective.  Emphasis is placed on controlling the aircraft instead of reacting to it.  By setting the training pace "Just Right" and with the advanced Dual Control Flight system, you go home with the knowledge and skills that can take years to acquire by yourself. 
The Flight School offers professional instruction, small classes with a max of 3 students, indoor classrooms, no buddy boxes and personalized instruction for each trainee.  Training options include Beginner,
Advanced  and
Customize Private Classes. 

Express Service for Executives!
For those students who are pressed for time, Marks Hobby Shop will assemble
a NexStar ARF, complete with servos, an OS AX .46, and your choice of a 7
channel, 2.4 Spectrum or Futaba transmitter and receiver, ready to fly for your fourth training day.  See details on the enrollment page.

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Real Flight G6
used on site!

Down load the Real Flight's G5 NexStar. Customized  by the  R/C Flight School,  It flies exactly like our trainers! .
RC Flying Lesson by Greg

Click  to Down load the Real Flight's G5 Predator II. Customized by the R/C Flight School,
We recommend buying all your remote control planes  from R-C.UK. They are our prefered supplier and stock beginners rc planes which will help you during your initial training right up to advanced models you can progress to over time. They are also very helpful which is just what you need when entering in to the exciting world of rc planes.